Water Management

DeSantis Landscapes is committed to helping our clients manage their resources and be good stewards of the environment. The Pacific Northwest is famous for its water, the type falling from the sky, but I think we all know it’s only a matter of time before the water crisis that is impacting other parts of the country begins to impact us here.

DeSantis Landscapes employs experts in water management who have the expertise and solutions to save our clients 20-40% on their water use, and hence their water bill, by maximizing water efficiency and delivery, which also gives them the added benefit of savings on their water bill.


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Service Calls and Repairs: System not working as well as it should? Did you inherit a system that you’re not sure how to control? Water leaking everywhere? Use this contact form to schedule a service call or call 503-364-8376 (Salem) or 503-639-0151 (Portland)

Water Conservation analysis: Have one of our experts analyze your system to determine what renovations or upgrades would best serve to reduce water consumption and provide a return on your investment.

New installations or Renovations: Our team of installers are irrigation specialists and whether it’s a brand new system or renovating an existing system, you’ll enjoy our crew’s polite, fast and efficient service.


Irrigation System components:

One or more of these components are typically part of our installations or renovations to help our clients better manage their water resources.

MP rotators: One of the simplest and most effective changes we can make to an irrigation system is this advanced technology nozzle. We find that this one change can save our clients 30% on their water use and bill. Designed to operate at a lower pressure it minimizes water loss from overspray and its patented multi-stream rotor pattern has the highest distribution uniformity in the industry, which prevents having to overcompensate for dry areas due to poor uniformity.

Smart controllers: Recent advances in controller technology are nothing short of phenomenal.  If your controller is 5 years old or more it is probably worth checking out an upgrade. Smart controllers coupled with various sensors act as your irrigation system’s brain. They can measure rainfall, wind, humidity, solar radiation and other factors to determine the exact amount of water required to keep your landscape properly irrigated and healthy.

Drip irrigation: In the right application drip irrigation can be a huge water saver by only delivering water directly to a plant’s root zone. The ongoing maintenance of these systems must also be considered though as we have found that when used incorrectly in the wrong application it can actually result in increased maintenance costs that negate any water and cost savings.

Rain Sensors: Why would you irrigate in a rainstorm? Good question, but you’ve seen it happen right?! DeSantis Landscapes has been installing rain sensors on all of its irrigation installations for well over a decade. These simple devices suspend the irrigation controller when there is measurable rainfall and automatically reinstates the program once it’s dry again.

Rainwater harvesting systems: Capturing rainwater from building roofs and reusing it in the landscape is an increasingly common feature for the most forward thinking developers and property owners. DeSantis Landscapes has installed and maintained several of these systems and can help you if you are interested in implementing this option.