Core Values

  • Beautify the world – This is the reason for our business and it’s the key reason why many of us choose to do this work. This is also what drives EarthSense and our sustainable focus. A healthy world is a beautiful world.
  • Treat People Well (Clients and Employees) – Since 1974, our customers have enjoyed outstanding customer service and award-winning practices from our team of professionals. As fellow human beings this is the right way to be AND it’s the best way to build a successful business.
  • Safety – Safety equals professionalism. Protecting people and property should always be of primary importance.
  • Lifelong learning – There’s always more to learn, more to discover and more to be. We want to have people in this company that share this curiosity, drive and interest to always be learning and improving. The day we think we know it all, is the day we start failing.