Staging Services

Our expert stagers can work with both vacant and occupied properties to attract your ideal buyer fast. Staged homes spend up to 78% less time on the market than vacant and occupied properties.

Design + Marketing = Home Staging

Chancellor Designs specializes in the two essential elements of a successfully staged home: design and marketing. A beautifully designed home isn’t necessarily marketable, and vice versa, but when you work with us, your property appeals to buyers on both emotional and practical levels.

Our staging experts at Chancellor Designs can help sell your property quickly, and for more money than an unstaged comparable. With services ranging from small design updates to minor remodels, we will maximize your house’s selling features to attract the ideal buyer.

Vacant staging is for you if you’re a builder or developer, or if you’ve already moved to your new home and need to sell the old one fast. Chancellor Designs swoops in with our hand-selected furnishings and accessories, and we make vacant spaces glow with personality and possibility.

Occupied staging is for you if you want to maximize your existing furnishings for a strong, quick home sale. We offer three options:

  1. We’ll help you declutter, organize, and arrange your belongings in a way that will attract your ideal buyer fast.
  2. We’ll do an in-home consultation and give you a written report to execute on your own terms.
  3. We’ll deliver a custom combination of the above two options, and we’ll bring in a few extras from our curated collection of furnishings and accessories.


View our Staging Gallery for even more examples of our eye for marketing and design.