Our Team

Ruth Chancellor
Owner + Principal Designer

Ruth is the one to turn to when you can’t leave your home to chance. With her natural eye for design, she helps you navigate every step toward your personal palace. Have you seen her work on the Street of Dreams and the Parade of Homes? Then you know already: from ground-up construction to remodeling and styling, Ruth helps transform your house into your crowning glory.



Jody Wood
Lead Stager & Home Consultant

Selling? Your home is a stage, and Jody is your set designer. She will Fairy Godmother your space for a strong, quick sale, and she’ll make your ideal buyers feel like they’ve already moved in, put their feet up, and sent out housewarming invitations. See this house? After Jody staged it, it sold in just 4 days.




Miriam Moore Chancellor Designs portraitMiriam Moore
Designer + Stager

Miriam comes to us with a degree in interior design and a well-established contemporary/eclectic style. She knows just how to stage a home to attract first-time and seasoned buyers alike, but fair warning: when you see her work in your own home, you might not want to move anymore. (Luckily, she does the occasional home design project, too.)



Jolie Ferrel Chancellor Designs portraitJolie Ferrel
Business Coordinator

Someone’s got to make sure the trains run on time around here, and Jolie is that someone. Her business sense means our spreadsheets are nearly as pretty as our after pictures, and her emerging eye for design means her computer is part of an intentional desktop vignette. We’re impressed.




Design Dog

Stella is more than just an accessory to our team! We’ve learned to listen to her design instinct, as she’s guaranteed to lie down on the most attractive of fabric or tile samples laid before her. Stella may or may not have selected the area rug in this beautiful Chancellor home. (She’s vying for a promotion.)

Stella is booked solid, but give the rest of us a call today. We can’t wait to get your home ready for the ball!