Design Services

Ruth and the team will turn your home into the castle it was always meant to be. Our keen eye for color and design will make your home feel pampered, and our customer service will make you feel like royalty.

Let’s Get Your Home to the After Picture

You know good design when you see it, but implementing it is a different story, isn’t it? Let us show you how beautiful your home can be, and we promise you’ll be royally wowed by the after picture.

From ground-up construction to final accessory placement, Chancellor Designs will transform your house into your castle (minus the armor and chainmail).

Updating your layout? Planning for new furniture? Choosing new color palettes? Organizing and decorating?

We’ve done it all, and when we’re done with your home, you might just want to invite the Queen for tea.

Partner with us at any stage of your new build or renovation project to ensure you get the After picture you want and deserve.